Quick Note:

I thought I would make a quick post around how I prepare audio files for deployment in Unity Connection, Communications Manager, Contact Center Express, and other Cisco UC1 products. This post will be focused around Unity Connections but the same method can be used for all applications.

The Request:

Due to inclement weather conditions in the southeast I had multiple clients that needed emergency messages uploaded to their Unity Connection auto attendants. I have some clients that have call handler managers and record and configure their own messages on the systems. But, I have quite a few that would much rather just record a message with whatever is handy (an iPhone more and more these days) and e-mail it to me for uploading and configuration.

The Solution:

I like to use the Switch application by NCH Software for this task. For the amount of time I spend performing this task I find the software to be extremely easy to use, accepting of every format I have thrown at it, and relatively inexpensive. I thought the best way to show how to do this would be by shooting a quick video:

Also here is a quick screen shot of the settings for the WAV conversion so it will be in the format Cisco likes! I know we have all run into this especially with things like music on hold…

audio conversion settings


This is just a short post on a topic I am asked about often. I am sure there are MANY different ways to accomplish this task using many different tools and methods. I would love for you all to share your method in the comments so we can all learn!

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