I have asked myself for some time whether I should create a separate blog to share my thoughts on various topics outside of technical how-tos and walkthroughs. I already have Network Hobo where I write things like that, and I have decided that is how it will remain. I still have many technical things I would like to capture and Network Hobo will be the place for them. This new place will be for something different.

We all look back and then adapt from time to time. I have started to go through a lot of things, both physical and virtual, and seen what I can combine, collapse, or do away with. It is that endeavor that lead me to combine Network Hobo into this site. All the posts are migrated over and all the old links still work.


I find myself speaking on the same topics over and over to many different audiences. Every time I do this I always think, “Dan, you should write this all down somewhere.” This place will be that somewhere.

I am going to write about random topics that I find interesting or that stand out to me. Or just things I feel like sharing, or maybe I feel they will help others in their pursuits.

Maybe just things I have learned over the past almost 20 years of being in the field and feel I want to put down on paper so that I can reference them later.

When and How?

I cannot promise that I will write with any set pattern or schedule. I also will not promise that any post will be complete when published. Even the one you are reading now will likely change over time. Such is life and the joys of technology.

I will try to find a way to alert those that are interested about updated posts, or I may even just create new posts that reference the old. Who knows?! Those details have not been worked out yet. But, I am mostly doing this to get things out of my head, and maybe help someone out there in the process.

Follow Along!

I invite you to follow along and provide feedback. There will be commenting, I enjoy that. The site is also likely to change around during the course of its life because I like to tinker. But, all-in-all I hope everyone can take something away from all of this.

Thanks for visiting…