Building a Wireguard Router...Easier Than I Thought!

I have been seeing a lot of buzz about Wireguard. I had considered setting up a server at home for external access just for fun, but all of the examples I saw used NAT behind the Wireguard box and I wanted to route entire subnets without NATing.

The road to my PMP

…the method to my madness! As a life long technology practitioner I am often asked what training I did to gain my PMP in 2017.

You can't beat a good smoked pork shoulder

…so I wanted to share how I make one! When it comes to picking out a pork shoulder, I am not too picky.

Staticman...The Journey Continues

In this post I will do a quick dive on how I setup my own staticman instance in Heroku since the public API and Dev API are no longer responding.

I do enjoy a good pound cake

…and here is my favorite recipe! I do enjoy baking a pound cake form time to time and here is my favorite recipe.

Notify the world

But leave me out of the discussion… We all know the patron Saint of spreading your message to the world:

I like vacations

…and you can let me know about yours. Just don’t blow up my calendar.

First Test with new Drafts and Shortcuts Automations

…Let’s See if This Works! I just spent the last day putting together some Drafts actions and iOS Shortcuts.


…how I have been missing this app?! This will be short.

Forwarding E-Mails

…Or Learning to Show Others You Appreciate Their Time… I often find myself receiving forwarded e-mails with little to no context or prior conversation.