Using Actionable Notifications in Home Assistant

In this post I will cover how I use actionable notifications within Home Assistant.

SecureCRT Auto Logging How-To

This is a quick post to document the process I use to auto-log SecureCRT sessions.

Intel NUC Memory and BIOS Gotcha

This is a quick post to cover a gotcha I ran into while preparing my new to me Intel NUC DC3217IYE to take over has my primary Home Assistant box.

Hugo + Staticman: Nested Replies and E-mail Notifications

Update 20190819: The public instance of the Staticman API is broken with no clear line-of-sight on when or if it will be repaired.

Intro to Ansible for Networkers

I made this quick video as an “Ansible 101” type introduction for some networking friends that just wanted a high-level intro to playbook creation and logic.

Cisco VIRL, pfSense, and Routed Management Networks

In this post I hope to quickly cover how I use pfSense to provide easily reachable management networks for simulations within VIRL.

PlaystationVUE, Amazon FireTV, pfSense, and Traffic Limiting

Quick Note All of the conclusions below were based off of my individual findings dealing with Vue and my cable provider.

Reset Toner Counter on Brother HL-3170CDW

Quick Note I thought I would make a quick post about how I reset the toner counters on my brother HL-3170CDW.

Cisco DMVPN Phase 3

The Request I have a client with a data center, a headquarters/DR site, and a lot of branches spread out all over the world with Internet connectivity.

Cisco IOS SSL VPN with AD/RADIUS Authentication

The Request: Now that Cisco has included SSL VPN licensing as part of the 15.