Cisco 6807 VSS ISSU Upgrade

The Request: I have a client with multiple 6807 VSS pairs that required an IOS upgrade.

GoDaddy: Delegate Subdomain to Different Nameserver

Access your GoDaddy domain manager Select your domain Select the “DNS Zone File” Tab Select “Add Record” Create a new “Nameserver” entry.

Convert Audio Files for use with the Cisco Unified Communications Suite

Quick Note: I thought I would make a quick post around how I prepare audio files for deployment in Unity Connection, Communications Manager, Contact Center Express, and other Cisco UC1 products.

Configure TACACS+ Access on Nexus 7K

The Request: Two new Nexus 7Ks have been installed at one of my client’s data centers.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager & Unity Connection SFTP Emergency Backup to Mac OS X over the Internet

The Request: I was engaged by a long time client who was having an issue with their local SFTP1 server.

Cisco Translation Rules, CDRs, and Unity Connection

The Request: I had a new client contact me requesting that I investigate a call that came in over the weekend where an external customer was able to leave a voicemail on an internal users extension, using the corporate IVR, instead of being routed to the weekend service.

Cisco VRF/MP-BGP Router on a Stick with NAT

The Request: I was approached by a client who wanted me to build their multi tenant network for a small office building.