…how I have been missing this app?!

This will be short. Months ago someone recommended the Drafts app to me so I installed it. They had told me how awesome it would be and how helpful it would be with my growing use of OmniFocus. Well, not so much…until now!

I recently picked up an iPad Pro for work and have been using it a ton. I was watching some random YouTube videos on various tools for the iPad and stumbled upon a video playlist around Drafts 5. Now I understand. The blank white display and minimal interface hid so much power from being clearly evident. Also, I was really busy so I did not spend much time poking and prodding. Now I have added some new actions, learned how to quickly create blog posts from templates that automatically fill out front matter, all that jazz. I am a sucker for templating!

I had been writing with IAWriter, which I will still be using, but I can see the power of Drafts for really getting to work quickly.

Ok, off to dinner with the family. It is Monday night, gotta get some of those red beans.

Thanks for reading!