In this post I will do a quick dive on how I setup my own staticman instance in Heroku since the public API and Dev API are no longer responding.

First, this site from yasoob does a great job running down how to get this setup in Github and on Heroku. I will just add af ew changes I made based on the content of Issue #299.

As pointed out in yasoob’s post, and in a ton of issues on the repo, there are a few things amiss with the master branch. And some of the fixes mentioned in the post did not work for me, but here is what did…

As pointed out by the trusty VincentTam in his comment on Issue #299 he points out that in his deploy release he is uing 55d1430. So, that is what I used as well. And after some testing everything seems to work fine. I am using v3 on both of my sites and the Mailgun integration and all is working as expected. I have not tested GitLab integration as I do not have a GitLab setup, but I may give it a shot in the future.

So, here is the quick and dirty on how I did it:

  1. Fork the Staticman Repo
  2. Create a Heroku app as mentioned above
  3. Run git checkout -b workaround 55d1430 to create a branch named workaround from the commit mentioned above.
  4. Push that branch to Heroku using git push -f heroku workaround:master. I add the -f because I felt like living dangerously

If you configured all of your environment variables properly you should be good to go! I am running this instance on both NetworkHobo and Dan C Williams using the v3 API without issue.

I know this is quick, but I needed to get it out of my head. Please comment below if there are any questions. Thanks!