But leave me out of the discussion…

We all know the patron Saint of spreading your message to the world:

But, lets be cognizant of our surroundings. Everyone wants to hear your announcement. But, maybe, they do not want to be a part of the overall discussion. More often these days folks are copying God and country on every e-mail that goes out. Most of these e-mails are announcements that require little to no feedback. Even though that is the case there is always someone who hits that beloved reply all button to give a quick and polite Thanks or Gotcha.

You have now created a storm…

After a coupla helpful Thank Yous someone is going to pipe up with a Please remove me from this list. Now it is all downhill. If you are old school and have on-site exchange you are now getting a drive-by asking why you are killing the queues. If you are using O365 the NOC is getting notified of direct connect traffic spike dues to a rouge e-mail and some improper routing in the core (trust me). Routing, you would think we would be over that stuff by now. But we aren’t.

(If you are using Google for the business e-mails…I am not sure who would be yelling at you. I am sure there is someone. Don’t feel left out.)

Invoke the power of BCC!

Unless you just want feedback from everyone please, please, use BCC. For those who are not read in, this is the Blind Carbon Copy. It gets the message to all of the people you want to get it to, but if someone does a reply all, no one else gets the reply. No storm…no craziness…no hate. If you receive a reply that you feel the entire grou should know about, send it to everyone, and BCC them. Too easy. Another thing I do is actually send that e-mail to myself with everyone BCC’d. That way all replies come right back to me. If there is a reply it is my burden to shoulder. I started this mess anyhow…


I know you are tired of e-mail stuff. But, I have a lot of folks to teach. I NEED AN OUTLET

Thanks for reading. Comments are awesome. Thanks.